Photography workshops at Caldmore Community Garden

Photo workshops flyer

This 8 session workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their photography.
Whether you are a budding photographer or just starting out, whether you have your own camera or take pictures on your phone, this course is for you.
The course will cover some basic and provide more in depth training on storytelling and shooting documentary photography project.
Workshops will take place on Saturdays at 11am at Caldmore Community Garden, 12 Carless Street, WS1 3RH. You have to attend all the sessions. Bring a camera or at least a mobile phone.
Dates :
  • 14th Sep 
  • 28th Sep
  • 12th Oct 
  • 26th Oct
  • 9th Nov 
  • 23rd Nov
  • 11th Jan 
  • 18th Jan
To find out more about Farhad Berahman: 
To book a free place, please contact Anna Webster on 07871813252 or e-mail:

Workshops are a part of the Living Memory: the project is working across the Black Country to celebrate different aspects of everyday life that have been captured through people’s own photographs. The images hidden in our family albums, stored away in shoeboxes, and treasured in the collections of local enthusiasts can all offer rich perspectives on our rapidly changing society.They are recording local people’s life stories and memories connected to their photography collections, making a series of new films, professionally archiving over 1000 favourite photographs, creating a new touring exhibition and much more besides.

How to Build an Earth Oven Course – 14-15th March 2015


 How to Build an Earth Oven Course

Date: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March 2015 (2 day course)

Time: 10am – 4pm

Location: Caldmore Community Garden, Carless Street, WS1 3RH Walsall

Cost: free for Caldmore and Palfrey residents, £20 for two days for other participants

Contact: If you have any questions or want to register, contact Anna at 07871813252 or e-mail her at

Tutor: Jackie Green, Community Food Growing Coordinator


Course Description

Have you ever wanted to have an outdoor oven and bake bread and pizza in your back garden? Do you like playing with mud? By using natural materials at very little cost, you can build your own earth oven. An earth oven uses conduction, convection and radiation, providing faster, more thorough baking and better flavoured food. The oven’s interior reaches about 700 degrees Fahrenheit. An earth oven holds heat for several hours so food needing less heat can be cooked as the oven cools. Any heat remaining can be used to dry the wood for your next fire.

This two day course will teach you how to prepare a base to build on, shape the oven, mix the mud and form the oven.

Come and have some fun and learn a new skill.


What to bring: Lunch, suitable outdoor clothing, sturdy walking shoes, waterproof jacket, notepad, pencil. All tools and gloves will be provided.