NCS with The Challenge – young people working to improve the garden

We’ve been a bit quiet the past few days but so much was happening… We went on an exploratory visit to Sandwell Valley to look for inspirations for a sensory garden and wild area, had a meeting drafting the garden’s constitution, our regular garden day on Thursday, wood chip and top soil deliveries, and most importantly – the visit of 60+ young people from NCS with The Challenge.

It’s incredible how much work they did in little more than 4 hours, building paths, filling them with wood chip, weeding, constructing and painting benches… As a result we now have an accessible picnic bench with wheelchair space (painted forest green), new footpath to the wild area, new ramp and footpath to the decking, new raised beds filled with top soil donated by Hollybush, and wonderfully weed-free beds!

Thank you, it would have taken us months!