Guerrilla Garden

One day Anna went and planted some flowers.
It was on a piece of waste-ground on the street corner,
outside the wood-yard, where people dumped rubbish.
It was an eyesore! Mark moaned about it. But Anna
went out there one day, cleared the rubbish, dug it over,
and planted some flowers. It was an experiment, a trespass,
a transgression. She thought, if we have flowers there
we can make it pretty. People began to talk to her,
this funny immigrant, they began to get to know her.
The people from the gardening shop gave her more plants.
A neighbour went shopping and came back with some lavender.
The man who owned the wood-yard built a little fence around it,
the place where Anna had planted some flowers.
It was a way for her to get to know her neighbours,
a way for her to find her place, and to help make the street
more beautiful. And that’s what it’s about. Beauty.
It’s not about her, or about trespass, or transgression.
It’s about beauty. Making the places we live in more beautiful.
Because beauty makes you think about places differently,
beauty makes you see the world in a new way.
And it’s the simplest thing in the world. Just go out and do it,
plant plants. Why not? No one dumps rubbish
on that corner anymore, the flowers bloom and thrive,
beauty blooms and thrives. Now, here, on the corner
of a street where Anna planted some flowers.