Holiday Play Scheme

We run a children’s play scheme during all school holidays (with the exception of Christmas).

Activities include arts and crafts, science, games, gardening, nature education, forest school, and free play.

Our holiday programme is guided by four principles:

  • share and respect (your culture and the culture of others, the community garden and the environment as a whole, your skills and experiences and the ones of others)
  • think different (be creative, take notice of the world around you, recycle and reuse)
  • learn new things (try out new skills, watch what is happening around you, experiment, listen)
  • play it out (be active, share your ideas, lead the play, think about the risks and how to avoid them).

These themes and principles are a part of the programme of activities.

What parents and children say about Holiday club:

‘’It’s a vital resource to get children out of the house and engage in stimulating and creative activities. Children interact socially with adults and children. It gives them motivation and initiative. It’s been a valuable resource for my daughter.’’

‘’I think Walsall is a multi-cultural town. It’s having people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions. It’s important for children to know their neighbours.’’

‘’The staff go above and beyond to make the activities engaging and exciting. They have built good relationships and understand the children’s needs.’’

“The teacher learnt us how to be goods.”

“I learnt different aspects of the volcano and what’s in the earth.

I made new friends and I liked to play in the treehouse and I liked the space.

Previous Holiday Clubs:

The project is funded by Children in Need.

Free lunch is provided thanks to funding by Asda Foundation.